Thursday, 10 April 2014

A call-out for writers

The responses on this site are the product of the people who responded to this call for interested writers in March and April 2014:
Are you interested in writing / blogging about contemporary performance? Do you want to work with some of the UK’s best arts writers? Want to publish on your own blog, or write for Slate The Disco? Want to discuss theatre and dance with interesting people?
As part of Cambridge Junction’s commitment to arts in the region, we are seeking to develop a critical ecology around contemporary performance, which we believe is lacking in the area. It’s vital for the cultural life of the city for shared understanding, for audiences’ context, legacy of the shows, development of the artists presenting the work, as well as profile-raising for the artists and sometimes the venue.
Writing about performance doesn’t need to be in the form a traditional review; we’re interested in all kinds of responses, reflecting the variety of performance made. Perhaps it doesn’t even need to be written?
This season, to kick start this, we are offering three workshops with professional theatre writers, tied into shows in the season:
· Thursday 10th April - Workshop with Matt Trueman watching GETINTHEBACKOFTHEVAN – Number 1, The Plaza
· Thursday 24th April –Workshop with Maddy Costa, watching 30 Bird – Domestic Labour: A Study in Love
· Tuesday 20th May – Workshop with Donald Hutera, watching Igor and Moreno – Idiot-Synchrasy
  Each workshop will take roughly the following form:
· 6.00pm – meet to discuss views and functions of writing and expectations of the show
· 7.30pm – watch the show together        
· After the show – discuss initial reactions to the performance.
· Once a response has been written in the next few days, the workshop leader will be able to feed back on the writing via email, and discussion can continue at next workshop.
All these workshops (and the tickets) are offered free of charge, but we ask that you commit to attending all three workshops, if at all possible.
We are also offering two free tickets to any theatre and dance shows here that you are interested in writing about, as long as you commit to publishing a response online within a week after the show, sending us a link to it, and doing the same for at least 3 shows this season. (If the offer of free tickets confuses the response into a transaction for you, you’re welcome to buy.)

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