Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Eva Aymami Rene responding to Idiot-Syncrasy by Igor and Moreno

Igor and Moreno are two London-based performance artists who make work together since 2007. With their presence and their voices, this couple makes political statements about bodies that become visible.

Idiot-Syncrasy is Igor and Moreno’s endeavour to change the world with a performance, ‘but they felt like idiots’. Instead they jump, sing and embrace on stage, as if this may not change the world in another way. 
The performance begins in silence. Igor and Moreno appear from the backstage and walk towards the audience, stopping front stage. They stand still, staring at each of us, the audience members. I begin to enjoy the silence and the meticulous looking at their faces, at their bodies, at the details of their hairy legs etc. For some long-eternal minutes the performers and the audience look at each other.

Whispering a Sardinian folk song, Moreno breaks the silence, followed by Igor’s tones on the same song.  A progressive jumping appears on their bodies. From the vertical to the horizontal space, their bodies create choreographies of migrations. Appearing from one curtain to the other, shaping their bodies similarly, with their constant jumps, these two performers celebrate life, traditions and innovation.

Igor and Moreno’s bodies meet left stage and for a moment they stop jumping. Their bodies touch, embrace in an intimate moment. While the two male bodies care for each other, they sign love songs simultaneously in Spanish (Igor) and in Sardinian (Moreno). Finally, the bodies move a part and take us back to the jumping point. They may have not changed the world with this performance. But certainly, Igor and Moreno provided poetic paths from where to re-interpret it. 

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